How your dosha affects your skin

There are 3 doshas or body types in Ayurveda. 


Many factors will impact our ability to be in a balanced state such as stress, poor diet & environmental factors leading to skin issues. At Ayurveda Traditions, we harness the ancient wisdom and centuries of knowledge to produce a clean, potent, and effective range of hair and body products designed to be gentle on the earth and on your skin. 


Vata is characterised by the elements air and ether. This translates into skin being thin, dry, and vulnerable to aging. Eating very cold, raw, or dry foods increases Vata, as does excessive exercise and cold, dry weather.

An increase in Vata can result in dry, flaking skin and premature wrinkles. Hydration of the skin is therefore of primary importance. Oil serums are ideal skincare products for assisting with hydration.


Pitta is characterised by the element fire and some water. This translates into skin being sensitive and slightly oily, usually indicative of combination skin. Eating spicy, sour, and oily foods increases Pitta, as does excessive sun exposure and tropical weather. An increase in Pitta can result in uneven skin which has both dry areas and areas of excessive oiliness. 

Increased Pitta also leaves the skin more sensitive to the sun and at risk of skin inflammation from acne and rosacea. Cooling and calming the skin is the ideal approach for improving Pitta skin. 


Kapha is characterised by the elements earth and water. This translates into skin being plump and oily. It tends to handle aging well. Eating heavy, sweet, and salty foods increases Kapha, as does cold, wet weather, and being too sedentary.

An increase in Kapha can result in the skin becoming excessively oily and harbouring toxins, resulting in blackheads and cystic acne. Cleaning pores with detoxifying ingredients is the focus of improving Kapha skin. Cleansing and exfoliating are more crucial skincare steps than moisturising Kapha skin.

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